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All car owners face a conundrum when their car needs a new part. Dealers and garages both charge top dollar to replace parts, often leaving owners feeling ripped off or taken advantage of. Maintaining a car, especially an older model, is an expensive endeavor. Before paying thousands of dollars for a new engine or transmission, all car owners should consider investing in quality used auto parts. Significantly cheaper than new car parts, used auto parts offer effective solutions to keeping cars in proper working order.

Unfortunately, to most peoples' surprise, used auto parts also come at an expensive price. The auto industry is gigantic because cars are a necessary expense. Dealerships, manufacturers, wreckers, and garages capitalize off of peoples’ need for working vehicles, charging drivers sizeable fees for used auto parts, body work, and labor. While purchasing used auto parts from a wrecker may save people well over $500.00, they will still be paying thousands of dollars to fix and maintain their cars. When caught between having to pay considerable fees for used auto parts and loosing their cars, most people will cave into the costs out of necessity.

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"I needed a front end differential for my half ton truck. The dealer quoted me $2000 and my best price I could find from a wrecker was $1500. Geospares found the part for $500 delivered to my door !! I am so thankful I found them."

- Kelly and Warren

"Never has looking for car parts been so easy for us, using Geospares unique method of locating parts has saved us both time and money !!"

- J & K Auto Wholesalers

But what if there was a more affordable option? is a unique online service that connects car owners and mechanics with their used auto parts of choice. Most people are limited when it comes to finding used auto parts, choosing to go with their local dealer or wrecker. While this is the convenient choice, it is not always the most cost effective. is making it easier for people to shop around for the best deals on used auto parts. On their website, people can submit a request for specific used auto parts, which sends to wreckers across the country. Within 48 hours, all mechanics and car owners will receive quotes from salvage yards, enabling them to choose the best overall price for their used auto parts. Whether looking for used auto parts for a Hyundai, Ford, Mazda, Volvo, BMW, or Porsche, connects people with quality wreckers who can supply them with the items they need at budget friendly prices. No one should be a slave to their local dealership, garage, or salvage yard; gives people the option to look elsewhere, making it possible to purchase used auto parts without breaking the bank. With access to over 45 car makes, can help everyone find their used auto parts.

When a person’s car breaks down, the first thing they do is panic. Substantial used auto part and mechanic fees can end up costing drivers thousands upon thousands of dollars. makes it easy for people to save. Connecting all desperate car owners to wreckers and salvage yards across the country, they provide people with access to cheap used auto parts, helping them save hundreds to thousands of dollars. To find out more about auto parts and their services, visit

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